Supporting Organizations:  Imagine Donor Advised Funds on Steroids

By Dechomai Foundation | May 7, 2022

Charitable Solutions, LLC now manages nearly $2 billion in supporting organizations (SOs).  This session will cover the definitions (Type I, Type II and Type III), operational and governance structures as…

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Top 10 Questions, Myths, and Mysteries About IRS Form 8283 and 8282

By Dechomai Foundation | Apr 13, 2022

With the annual April tax deadline coming up, we figured the time might be ripe for a tax-focused webinar. Many charities just finished dealing with stacks of last-minute donor tax…

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Charitable Gifts of Hedge Funds, PE/Real Estate Funds and Carried/Profit Interests

By Dechomai Foundation | Mar 13, 2022

Our goal is to continue offering informative and timely free webinars based on what we are working on in the moment.  Right now, the hot topics are private equity funds and…

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Charitable Giving with NFTs: Tax, Legal and Processing Considerations

By Dechomai Foundation | Feb 13, 2022

You knew this was coming!  NFTs or non-fungible tokens are the newest “asset” to pop up in the world of charitable gifting.  Last month, the top 100 NFT sales amounted to…

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Top Five Charitable Cases/Legislative Updates Impacting 2022

By Dechomai Foundation | Jan 13, 2022

Last year was a blur for our team on many levels with unprecedented activity across every service line. We completed more than 230 noncash donations for $1.056 BILLION… 250% more than…

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