Top 5 Pros/Cons to Outsourcing Noncash Assets and Gift Annuities (and any other Donation)

This month's webinar (see registration link below) will cover the benefits and costs to noncash and CGA outsourcing.? Having been an outsourced provider for 20 years, you are probably thinking, "I am guessing we are only going to hear about the benefits."?

Yes, we have a massive conflict of interest/bias, but there are a number of reasons why outsourcing may not be best or in limited circumstances.? Plus, if we are too one-sided, I am sure attendees will have fun calling that out in the Chat/Q&A!

But the real message is: Your donors may have charitable goals where you may not be able to help. In those cases, what do you do? You have three choices:

  1. insource (maybe with consulting help),
  2. outsource or
  3. decline the opportunity.

When I see/hear about a charity declining a gift from a good donor, with a good asset wanting to do good things, I literally start to become nauseous!

This webinar will attempt to answer questions we get every day:

  1. When should we outsource and when shouldn't we?
  2. How do we incorporate this thinking in our gift acceptance policies?
  3. What are the potential downsides?
  4. If we outsource, are there agreements, fees, process we need to get in place before a referral is made?
  5. What is our role with the donor and professional advisor(s) after the "hand-off"?
  6. What language do we use with the donor and what do the agreements look like?

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Presented by Bryan Clontz, Ph.D., CFP®, CAP®, AEP®