We help charitable institutions receive and liquidate non-cash donations.

We manage these donations and turn them into cash for charity.

We help charities grow by expanding their ability to accept unusual donations.



Dechomai Foundation is a national donor-advised fund that assists charitable organizations and donors in the often-daunting process of receiving, managing, liquidating, and finally granting proceeds from non-cash donations.

This helps charities receive as many charitable grants as possible, expanding the philanthropic pie.

Non Cash Donations

Assets such as real estate, privately-held business interests, collectibles, and other unconventional non-cash assets may represent the majority of high-net-worth donors' wealth.

Dechomai specializes in every aspect of liquidating donations of these kinds of assets, so we help make as many grants as possible to as many charities as possible.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity is a simple contract. The donor contributes property in exchange for a guaranteed lifetime income.

Dechomai follows the American Council on Gift Annuities suggested rates which typically average from 4 to 8 percent.

Gift Examples

Recent gifts that we've helped distribute include four farm properties, 100 Canadian gold coins, multiple S Corp, and LLC gifts, and more.

We can assist with nearly any highly appreciated non-cash asset.

TOTAL GRANTS TO PUBLIC CHARITIES AS OF 12/31/2023 $2,201,343,952