What We Do

Welcome to The Dechomai Foundation

Dechomai [de’-kho-mī] is a Greek word meaning: “to graciously receive.”

Dechomai exists to help other charitable institutions “graciously” receive non-cash donations that the charity might not otherwise be able to accept. We receive these assets, liquidate them for a modest fee (1 to 3%), and then grant the net proceeds to the charity the donor advises. The Dechomai Foundation accepts real estate, limited partnerships, closely-held stock, restricted stock, S-Corp stock, life insurance, notes, and all other unusual assets, subject to Board approval.

By allowing charities to refer non-cash donations which they otherwise would have to decline because they either don’t have the capacity, expertise, or time to process and liquidate them, the Dechomai Foundation achieves its mission by capturing more charitable gifts.

Our Mission

The Dechomai Foundation is a national donor-advised fund that was founded in 2003 to assist charitable organizations and donors in the often-daunting process of receiving, managing, liquidating, and finally granting proceeds from non-cash donations and charitable gift annuities.


To contact the professionals at Dechomai, please call +1 (404) 375-5496 or email us

Dechomai Foundation