We make difficult donations easy.

The Dechomai Foundation’s foremost reason for existence is to help other charitable institutions receive non-cash donations – donations that the charity might not otherwise be able to accept.

We manage the entire process – from receiving the non-cash asset to managing and liquidating the asset to finally granting the net proceeds to the charity recommended by the donor (almost always the originating charity).

We have extensive experience in accepting commercial and residential real estate, many types of limited partnerships, closely-held stock, restricted stock, S-Corp stock, life insurance, notes, seats on financial exchanges and other unusual assets – all subject to Board approval, of course.

A comprehensive description of the way a “typical” non-cash donation is handled can be found in the Non-Cash Donation Work Flow Chart. While we pride ourselves in being capable of handling just about all types of non-cash donations, there are instances when our Board may decline an asset.