Supporting Organization Services


Dechomai Foundation, Inc. provides comprehensive support for over $1 billion in Type 1 supporting organizations, with a minimum size of $5 million.

Our Services Include:

  • Coordination of governing corporate/trust documents and IRS 1023 application filing
  • Appoint Board majority based on recommendations from donor (must be unrelated parties)
  • Provide full accounting, compliance, administration, meeting minutes, 990 preparation/filing and consolidated independent audit
  • Coordination with external asset management/investment teams
  • Ongoing noncash asset management
  • Support from a team of 28 staff with various functional expertise as needed including seven charitable attorneys


  • 100 bps for first $10 million,
  • 75 bps for the next $15 million,
  • 50 bps for the next $25 million,
  • 25 bps for the next $25 million, and;
  • 10 bps for all excess over $75 million.

These fees assume all services are performed. If certain functions are not needed, the fee will be discounted accordingly
(e.g., separate investment management).