Top 10 Questions, Myths, and Mysteries About IRS Form 8283 and 8282

With the annual April tax deadline coming up, we figured the time might be ripe for a tax-focused webinar.

Many charities just finished dealing with stacks of last-minute donor tax forms, particularly IRS Form 8283 for noncash charitable contributions.? Despite being only two pages long, the 8283 can be confusing for donors, advisors, appraisers, AND charities - all of whom need to be involved in filling out the form!

Noncash Lead Partner, Ryan Raffin JD, will lead the webinar. In addition to discussing common questions around the 8283, this presentation will also cover the so-called "tattle tale form," IRS Form 8282. Since the 8282 is purely the responsibility of the donee charity, it can be even more challenging. And unlike its counterpart, the 8282 has rolling filing requirements, meaning big questions can come up on a short deadline.

Webinar attendees will learn about:

  • Who should fill out the 8283 (and who shouldn't!)
  • When an 8282 needs to be filed
  • Who keeps what records
  • And all those related use questions on both forms

These forms can easily trip up advisors and charities, even if they have extensive gift planning experience. Thankfully, there are some common questions and themes amidst the uncertainty.? This session aims to discuss the most common topics and mysteries.

Presented by Bryan Clontz, Ph.D., CFP®, CAP®, AEP® and Ryan Raffin, JD

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