Revolutionizing Gift Planning with Chat GPT and Other Tech: Unlocking the Power of Practical Applications

THEY'RE BACK?? or did they really ever leave?  We are getting a spike in questions about charitable remainder trusts so this month's webinar will briefly cover the CRT basics, when to use a flip CRUT, and then cover a few CRT conundrums and solutions.

Our two newest team members, Paul Caspersen, CFP®, MS, AEP® (formerly AVP for Gift Planning at University of Florida) and Phillip Buchanan, JD (formerly Senior Philanthropic Counsel at Duke University) will be leading the call.  Attendees will learn:

  1. CRT Primer and when a flip CRUT is preferable
  2. CRTs Funded w/Real Estate - dramas in real life
  3. CRTs Funded with Closely-held business interests
  4. Testamentary CRTs funded with retirement plan assets
  5. To trustee or not to trustee?
  6. Early termination of a CRT, related topics such as termination to fund a CGA

Presented by Paul Caspersen, CFP®, MS, AEP® and Phil Buchanan, JD

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