Supporting Organizations:? Imagine Donor Advised Funds on Steroids

Charitable Solutions, LLC now manages nearly $2 billion in supporting organizations (SOs). This session will cover the definitions (Type I, Type II and Type III), operational and governance structures as well as unique lifetime and testamentary planning strategies. The session will place some emphasis on noncash asset donations as well as customized (and even concentrated) investment options. For ultra high net worth donors, supporting organizations are rapidly gaining popularity.

Attendees will learn:?

  1. What SOs are and what they are not,
  2. What assets can be used to fund them,
  3. Comparing and contrasting SOs with private foundations and DAFs, and
  4. Unique advantages that only they have as a public charity.

Presented by Bryan Clontz, Ph.D., CFP®, CAP®, AEP®