Extreme Noncash Concentration in 2021 (New Research Report Released 7/23): The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same!

Five years ago, our team conducted a 990 review on 2016-2017 noncash activity for the largest 100 charities nationally.??We were beyond shocked at how few charities were actually receiving ANY noncash gifts, and that those who did, grew like crazy.

This was a follow up to Dr. Russell James' seminal research ("Cash is Not King" - Google the Executive Summary of this report… read it, then read it again) showing that?charities with increasing proportional amounts of donations coming from noncash assets grew, by far, the fastest vs. charities with no noncash gifts (they actually did not grow at all after inflation).

So has all this research, clear data and noncash success moved the needle for all the previously non-participating charities in 2016-2017?

Our new updated white paper will be provided with key summary items.

We are more shocked by this new data than even the last report… tune in to learn:

  • How many charities of the largest 100 completed either/both private business interest or real estate gifts?
  • How are these gifts concentrated within this group?
  • How fast are these gifts growing over the last five years and which assets in particular?
  • What are the average size of these gifts, respectively?
  • For those charities with noncash asset participation, how fast is their overall fundraising growing?