Top Five Charitable Cases/Legislative Updates Impacting 2022

Last year was a blur for our team on many levels with unprecedented activity across every service line.

We completed more than 230 noncash donations for $1.056 BILLION… 250% more than our previous annual record! We also delivered 64 speeches, 107 new charitable gift annuities for over $12 million dollars, more than 150 qualified charitable appraisals (e.g., crypto, business interests, life insurance, tangible property, etc.) and 14 CGA risk audits with $65 million in reinsured gift annuities!

Charitable Solutions now has a team of 20 and will celebrate our 19th anniversary on January 15.


Through all this activity, a number of very important court cases and legislative changes occurred that will impact charitable planning in 2022 and beyond.? I tend to have a very short attention span, so if it isn't on one page, I probably won't read it!? So, our Noncash Due Diligence and Research Partner, Russ Willis, JD, LLM, will cover the condensed version of the top five rulings with an overview, issues and implications approach.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Legislative updates on the unlimited and above-the-line deductions,
    DAF payouts and IRA "rollovers" to life-income gifts
  • Recent IRS "no-rule" positions on split interest trust and LLC "blocker" entities
  • Court upholding IRS position on 8283 substantiation requirements
  • Court outcome on latest pre-arranged sale challenge
  • Charitable cases involving donor standing and minority discounts

Join us for this free webinar presented by me, Bryan Clontz, Ph.D., CFP®, CAP®, AEP® and Russ Willis, JD, LLM.

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