Helping our clients help their charities.

Like all charities, The Dechomai Foundation charges fees for accepting, managing, liquidating and distributing non-cash gifts. Unlike other charities, however, Dechomai does not retain the proceeds indefinitely, nor receive operating contributions from any other source. Therefore we must charge a charitable administrative fee up-front.

The fees cover our marketing, legal, accounting, administrative and processing costs attributable to the individual gift as well as general overhead for the Foundation. We are proud that these fees have averaged only 2.2% since our inception on an average gift size of $2.3 million (median gift is $1.4 million).

Below is a limited sampling of non-cash donations received in the last 12 months, along with our charitable fees and the donation’s unique attributes. Following is a list of additional non-cash donation referrals and current cases.

Two Paintings

Value: $450,000
Charitable Fee: 2.4 percent
Unique Attributes: Related-use tax issues, holding period of two days, sold at Sotheby’s auction, auction price was exempt from sales tax since Dechomai filed appropriate charitable paperwork with New York City.

Sports Franchise

Value: $1.4 million
Charitable Fee: 3 percent
Unique Attributes: Unrelated business taxable income issues, sold one month after transfer.

Two Vacation Homes

Value: $800,000
Charitable Fee: 3 percent
Unique Attributes: Outright ownership, both sold within 45 days.

Southwest Raw Land

Value: $10 million
Charitable Fee: 1.2 percent
Unique Attributes: Outright ownership, expected holding period of four months, coordinated
with charitable remainder trust donation.

Real Estate Partnership

Value: $200,000
Charitable Fee: 7.5 percent (the minimum $15,000 fee at that time, now minimum is $10,000)
Unique Attributes: Liability associated with general partnership, apartment complex, sold two
days after receipt.

Seat on a Financial Exchange

Value: $1.4 million
Charitable Fee: 2.6 percent
Unique Attributes: Prohibition against charitable transfers, worked with General Counsel for
three months to change Exchange’s membership agreement, seat was sold one day after receipt. (facilitated in 2003)

Sample Asset Referrals and Current Non-Cash Cases

  • Operating Partnership Units from an UPREIT Exchange
  • Private Foundation Donation of Real Estate and LP Interests
  • 88 Trophy-Mounted Big-Game Animals from Estate
  • 727 Airplane for Tsunami Relief
  • Private Stock Transaction with ESOP Purchase
  • International Real Estate in France, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico
  • Various LLC and LP Interests
  • Artwork from Matisse, deCherico and Picasso
  • Hall of Fame Baseball Contract and World Series Ring
  • 55,000 Bushels of soybeans and Corn Crops
  • Coal Rights
  • Foreign Currency-Denominated Bond
  • Closely-Held C-Corporation Stock
  • Closely-Held S-Corporation Stock