Helping our clients help their charities.

Like all charities, The Dechomai Foundation charges fees for accepting, managing, liquidating and distributing non-cash gifts. Unlike other charities, however, Dechomai does not retain the proceeds indefinitely, nor receive operating contributions from any other source. Therefore we must charge a charitable administrative fee up-front.

The fees cover our marketing, legal, accounting, administrative and processing costs attributable to the individual gift as well as general overhead for the Foundation. We are proud that these fees have averaged only 2.2% since our inception on an average gift size of $2.3 million (median gift is $1.4 million).

Below is a limited sampling of non-cash donations received in the last 12 months, along with our charitable fees and the donation’s unique attributes. Following is a list of additional non-cash donation referrals and current cases.

Foreign Investment Co.

Value: $4.3 million
Charitable Fee: 1.5 percent
Unique Attributes: Channel Islands company, long-term hold, extensive KYC/AML required from management to approve transfer.

Tech Startup Stock

Value: $3 million
Charitable Fee: 1.9 percent
Unique Attributes: Extremely urgent donation, completed in 7 days, sale proceeds included public stock subject to securities law restrictions.

Home in Malibu

Value: $1.85 million
Charitable Fee: 2.0 percent
Unique Attributes: Overseas donor, outright ownership, 21 offers received in 10 days.

Unimproved Farmland

Value: $390,000
Charitable Fee: 2.4 percent
Unique Attributes: Drawn out donation and sale process, drafting error in deed, sale split into two transactions.

Commercial Real Estate Investment

Value: $30 million
Charitable Fee: No fee for the first 12 months. 1.0 percent annually after twelve months
Unique Attributes: Significant minority position in LLC, underlying asset was an urban office building, debt on property.

Bank Stock

Value: $3.4 million
Charitable Fee: 1.8 percent
Unique Attributes: S-corporation, multiple stock sales to private buyers, gain and income taxable to the charity.

Sample Asset Referrals and Current Non-Cash Cases

  • Private Foundation Donation of Real Estate Interests
  • Private Stock Transaction with ESOP Purchase
  • International Real Estate in Uganda
  • Offshore Insurance and Mobile Gaming Company Interests
  • Restricted Public Stock
  • Unallocated Precious Metals
  • Various LLC and LP Interests
  • Private Equity and Hedge Fund Interests
  • Offshore Investment Company
  • Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency
  • Closely-Held C-Corporation Stock
  • Closely-Held S-Corporation Stock