Rates for a Charitable Gift Annuity funded January 1, 2012, or later. This calculator is for simulating the results of an immediate charitable gift annuity, meaning that payments will begin within a year of entering into the gift annuity contract.

The Dechomai Foundation is pleased to provide this free charitable gift annuity calculator. Enter the amount of your possible gift, the basis of the property (if any), and the ages of the planned income recipients. The results will provide an overview of benefits, including payout details, deduction information, and inputs. The results can be printed or saved for future reference. You can also start over or edit the inputs if necessary to compare different gifts and outcomes.

Please note that this calculator does not and cannot take into account all circumstances, financial or otherwise, which might impact the gift annuity. Consult with your professional advisors to decide how a charitable gift annuity will work for you. The information that the gift annuity calculator provides is intended to serve as only as a general example, and does not constitute tax, financial, or legal advice.

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